Employee Spotlight: AxiaTP Welcomes Genice Milliner

Genice Milliner joins AxiaTP as the Software Technical Writer. She brings 29 years of experience to the team, with expertise in multiple areas including project leadership, federal regulations, privacy acts, implementing new training software applications and processes, and software testing and business continuity.


Genice began her career in technical writing while working for Sallie Mae, when she discovered that there were not any procedures or documentation for the position she was currently in. When her managers found out that she was documenting how to do her role, they asked if she could do that for other positions.

During college, one of Genice’s professors encouraged her to become a teacher and while she argued with him about how that was not a career path she wanted, she essentially found herself in a teaching role at many companies, training departments on new or updated software platforms and specific procedures to follow.

Even though she has been involved with in the technology industry virtually her entire career, she also became interested in IT partly because of her husband. She jokes that if she ever wanted to speak to more than the back of his head, then she’d have to learn more about his line of work. Working in technology has its benefits, though she admits that it can be a hindrance, particularly while visiting family. Many times her vacations end up becoming “working vacations” while she and her husband fix their families’ computers.

Genice holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, and an Associates degree in Applied Sciences – Computer Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology. She is also an animal lover and has four cats, two of which she claims are her husband’s doing. In her spare time, she also enjoys crafting, scrapbooking and wood burning.