Employee Spotlight: AxiaTP Welcomes Carl Wright

Carl Wright joins AxiaTP for the summer as our Video Production Intern. He is a junior at Ball State University and is majoring in Telecommunications, with a focus in Digital Video Production.


His passion for videography developed at an early age, after discovering his father’s camera. Even though he was never allowed to touch the camera, it fueled his curiosity and inspired him down a path that he has never regretted.

As the Video Production Intern, Carl is responsible for helping create video content for the new Kerauno media channel. On his third day, he successfully captured the atmosphere of AxiaTP’s 2017 Track Day at the Andretti Suite and produced two videos: a 2017 Track Day montage and a brief interview with Marco Andretti.

Videography is not the only thing he is passionate about. Carl admits that he has an “unhealthy obsession” with cars and that anything in regards to racing or engines can bring a smile to his face. One of his biggest dreams, in addition to owning his own video production agency, is to build a streetcar.