What Makes Us Different

At AxiaTP, we’re changing the industry standard when it comes to our clients and our team members. We’ve created our own unique model for your team—and ours—to CEE Success with technology. Our model is called the CEE Model.

Watch the video below to learn how the CEE Model works.


As an AxiaTP client, your team works with a designated team of professionals. We develop teams to provide Fortune 500 caliber technical services for businesses of all sizes. From a dedicated vCIO to Help Desk Specialists and everything in between, you’ll have multiple relationships on your team that will allow us to service you better and quicker.


We assure that employee turnover on client teams will stay low, resulting in higher productivity. How? By providing growth opportunities. We know employees stay if they have a clear way to move up in the organization. No matter where an employee starts on the team, we provide them with the needed certifications, training and experience to successfully grow and be promoted in your team.


Communication is king in business. So we make sure our client teams are constantly connecting. Each member of your designated team meets regularly with other group members in the same role to discuss efficiencies, delivery and support for clients. This means that each client pod functions at the same level, delivering world-class service.

Our Partners