AxiaTP’s Response to COVID-19

The continued spread of COVID-19 across the globe is affecting us all.  Our team at AxiaTP cares about people, and we remain focused on providing value to people and everything we touch. Each day, we continue serving businesses small and large, as we have adapted to the current pandemic.

Technology is proving an invaluable tool during a time like this. Non-essential businesses have moved to remote workforces and communities are practicing social distancing. We’re doing all we can to keep businesses and people connected to the world around them.


We have watched the pandemic closely across the United States to keep our team members safe and continue supporting our customers and partners during this critical time. As a business, we have made the following changes to ensure business continuity:

  • Moved our full team to a remote workforce, utilizing our cloud-based systems
  • Suspended all non-essential travel
  • Updated leadership meeting cadence to daily
  • Postponed scheduled events, which we’ll continue evaluating


We are confident that our customers will not observe any interruptions or effects of our team becoming a remote workforce. The technology we utilize is cloud-based, allowing our team to work remotely without limitations.

Our team will continue providing 24/7/365 customer support and care in resolving tickets and taking calls.


 The entire AxiaTP Team would like to thank the essential businesses who are working effortlessly each day to protect those threatened, care for those sick and find an acceptable resolution.

We continue monitoring COVID-19 to keep our team members, customers and partners safe and healthy. And we’ll continue providing temporary and permanent technology solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

Thank you for your trust and business.

Roger Veach
President & CEO, AxiaTP